Options to Health - Ginger Bisplinghoff, RN, BS

Kinesiologist, Flower Essence Practioner, Face Reading Expert, Author

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Guiding You on Your Path to Success

People call me when traditional methods no longer work and they need help finding the missing link to their physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual well-being. Using muscle testing as a feedback tool, I am able to be your truth detector, identifying and releasing blocks and acting as your advocate for finding solutions to a wide variety of stress-related challenges, such as:

Being a Highly Sensitive Person - HSP;



Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD;


Learning Difficulties;



Fertility Issues;

Weight Challenges;

Relationship Stress;

Athletic Performance;

Animal Wellness/Support;

Business Building;



And more.

Many sessions incorporate the work of Dr. Bradley Nelson: The Emotion Code and The Body Code. For more information, go to:


I work exclusively on the phone. This invaluable tool of long distance, surrogate muscle testing allows you to be any where in the world and receive my support. Clients have called from Canada, Germany, Qatar, France, England and other interesting places in the world.

ANIMALS also benefit from a session and I have had the opportunity to work with numerous horses, cats, dogs and even a falcon.